“There is no better country to compete in your sport and earn a university degree at the same time.”

YDP USA is dedicated to helping talented athletes out to US colleges on scholarships. For all the information regarding YDP USA please visit ydpusascholarships.com and here you will find all the relevant information.

YDP USA originated because of the passion for college sport in the USA. We want to help as many athletes share the same experiences that we have had the privilege to be involved in and ensure they have access to the best possible scholarships available. We aim to achieve this be utilising our knowledge of the college system, along with the years of knowledge we gathered during our time there.

Our Services

  • Assistance with Visa applications & relevant information
  • Assistance with SAT/ACT entry test
  • Assistance with choosing the right college for you
  • Personal service to you as only working with small amount of clients
  • Provide full laid out information of the costs of getting out there
  • Access to our broad range of US college coaches
  • Full access to our knowledge of the US college system
  • Player evaluation to determine scholarship value
  • Help through NCAA and NAIA eligibility centres
  • Student and family mentoring through the process
  • Create a personal highlight video
  • Assistance with finding the cheapest flights available
  • Support throughout university life

How The University System Works

Sport: College sports maintain a very high standard across the various athletic divisions (NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA) the facilities on offer can be compared to that of a professional standard here in the UK. This is because college sports are invested in heavily by the universities and the competition is taken very seriously.

Education: Finding the right university for you does not just mean finding the right team to play for, it also means finding the right degree for you. There are hundreds of degrees on offer in the 4500+ institutions the US has nationwide. The majority of degrees take four years to complete, so this gives you four years of high level sporting competition also.

Social: The US college life really is a once in a lifetime experience, the people you meet and the places your sport will take you are incomparable. You’ll get to dive straight into the college lifestyle by attending American football games that can draw crowds of over 100000 people. You’ll get stuck into the ‘tailgating’ they do before the games. There is so much to see and so much to do across the country, and you can do this by using your sport to get you there.

USA Scholarship


USA Scholarship