Wayne Stainsby

Working with YDP gives Wayne the opportunity to impact young people’s lives and make a positive difference, whether through Sport or just giving them extra confidence to go and live a positive, happy life.

Wayne started his career as a PEI (Physical Education Instructor) in a prison for 3 years before working as a sports officer with Youth Offending for 11 years.  He has gained numerous teaching qualifications along the way including instructing a variety of sports from Basketball to Boxing, Football to Angling – his portfolio is never-ending!

Waynes attributes are to always remain positive, happy and confident in whatever he is doing – this will have an influence on young people and in turn make them more confident.

When he’s not working, his life still revolves around sport, as he races Triathlons and Ironman competitions – a lot of training with double sessions most days before and after work.  Any spare time will be spent watching his stepson play professional football – he hasn’t missed a single game.

‘Always be Prepared’