Motivational Program

The YDP Motivational Program is currently being delivered in several schools across Peterborough.

What is it? 

The motivational program is a 10 week course, aiming to get the young people involved a Bronze Award in Boxercise. The Bronze Award is the first level of the qualification but if students want to continue on the course they can progress on to achieve Silver, Gold and finally a Young Leaders Award. Those that complete the whole process can then assist YDP in delivering Boxercise sessions.

What is Boxercise? 

Boxercise is non-contact exercise based on boxing training. Students are taught a variety of punches, and defense techniques, incorporated with physical activity.

Who is this for? 

This program is open for all students but it can be particularly beneficial to those who have low self-esteem, lack motivation or are disruptive in lessons. It can also be useful for those students who may feel stressed due to a heavy workload, exams or coursework.

How does it benefit the student? 

This course provides an outlet for all young people to release stress and focus on something positive. The Boxercise course not only supports students in feeling fitter, and healthier, it can boost confidence and self-esteem. Through expertly

planned sessions, students are taught discipline, respect and encouraged to make positive life choices.

Does the program work? 

The reported results indicate that this program works successfully. In one school, over 80% of the group’s behavior had improved while being enrolled on this program. The same school also reported a significant improvement in attendance for 90% of the children who participated in the program. Most importantly, every single student informed both the YDP team and their school, that they felt more confident and motivated.

Success Stories : 

* Two students that have progressed through The YDP Motivational Program have later joined the YDP Team on work experience and since undertaken various sports coaching qualifications.

* One student, who upon enrolment was disengaged with school and close to exclusion managed to leave school with GCSEs and is now attending a London university.

To book a student/group of students onto The YDP Motivational Program, please email us.

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