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The Importance of Graphic Design

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Creating YOUng leaders

Another year, another award.  This time it was YDPs young leader Joanna who was shortlisted as Young Community Volunteer of the Year 2019 for her volunteering in the local community.  She has worked tirelessly to make a difference and help others through sport.  Joanna is a passionate individual and a fine example of being the ...

Inspiring YOUth

One of YDPs young leaders, Chrisaldo, was shortlisted as a Young Community Volunteer of the Year at the 2018 Living Sport Sports Awards.  He gave up a substantial amount of his time to volunteer in local sport and made a significant impact to the community showing commitment to personal development, teamwork and supporting the development ...

Award Winners

YDP won the Impact Award at the 2018 Living Sport Sports Awards for improving sport and physical activity within our local community including developing people.  We also delivered outstanding events which engaged great participation within the community.      
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